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TWS01, Capacitance comparator

TWS01 compares two capacitances connected to inputs „IN+”, „IN-” and outputs digital signal indicating which is larger.

Input capacitance can vary from 0.03pF to almost 2nF with typical input offset 0.03pF. This circuit is very flexible to apply, thanks to wide power supply range from 2.4V to 12V. Current consumption is about 80uA at 2,5V. Output has open-drain configuration.

TWS01 is applied in TM01W module, where is input pad capacitance compared to internal reference. Capacitance comparator don't contain calibration circuit, like touch sensors, therefore output instantly signalize actual state at inputs. This circuit is suitable as proximity sensor, rather than touch sensor (TS01S is better for touch control), however this application is also possible. Thanks to precise operation, this circuit can be applied also in laboratory equipments, etc.

  • RoHS compliant SOT-26 package
  • Standard packing: reel 3000 pcs

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