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TM04N, Capacitive touch sensor module

Not recommended for new designs.
Replaced by TM04SW version with wire and connector instead pins.

Module is built in plastic case and filled by epoxy resin

Optional Bracket-I

TM04N sensor module is designed especially for touch detection (compared to TM01W that is better as proximity sensor). Sensor is based on TS01S device and is completely filled by epoxy resin, so it can be applied in hard environment. This module contain noise elimination circuit and has auto-calibration. Standard sensitivity is high (detecion up to 6-8mm). Modification with lowered sensitivity is available on request.

TM04N has very low power consumption. It draws only 100uA at 5V (sensor not touched). Output pins are intended for direct soldering to PCB. If sensor should have some distance above the board, optional Bracket-I is good solution. Bracket drawing and module details can be found in datasheet.

TM04N module

Flexible gasket allows distance compensation between module and front panel. Standard gasket size is 9x9[mm] and thickness 3mm. Gasket can also be removed from the module.

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