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TML01, Capacitive touch sensor module
with LED

Module TML01-25 (D=25mm) and TML01-20 (D=20mm)

Transparent front electrode contain soft spring to compensate distance between module and front panel

TML01 module has plastic case with circular metallic electrode at top. Center of this electrode is transparent to allow panel illumination by built in LED. Module is based on TS01 capacitive touch sensor and has all its features like reliability, sensitivity, auto-calibration and noise immunity.

Larger TML01-25 incorporates TS01D, while TML01-20 module use TS01S. That is why both modules have slightly different electrical parameters (current consumption, calibration time, ..) and different pin 3 (SYNC) connection. Both modules are designed for 5V.

TML01 module drawing

Front electrode contain soft spring and thus allow distance compensation between module and front panel. Panel can be made of many transparent dielectric materials like polycarbonat, plexiglass or glass.

  • Diameter 25 mm
  • Available LED colors: Blue, Red
  • Standard packing (SPQ):  63 pcs
  • Minimum quantity (MOQ): 504 pcs

  • Diameter 20 mm
  • Available LED colors: Blue, Red, White
  • Standard packing (SPQ): 180 pcs
  • Minimum quantity (MOQ): 540 pcs

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