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Where to use touch sensors
(and where don't)

Touch sensors are widely applied as mechanical switch replacement, but range of applications is much broader.
Here is a few examples.

  • Remote controllers
  • Light switches
  • Players, navigations, ..
  • Computers and peripherals
  • Sealed control panels
  • Home appliances
  • Door-lock systems
  • Game consoles and toys
  • Industrial control
  • Proximity detection
  • Your products ;-)

Capacitive sensors can help to handicapped people and can be applied in supporting applications.

Generally, capacitive sensors are not suitable for use in environment:
- Where is affected its essential principle (like under watter, behind metallic panel or foil, ..)
- Where canīt work electronics properly (temperature extreme, radiation, ..)

Sensors are not authorized for use as critical component in applications, where can be caused personal injury or any damage.
This is allowed only with written approval and certificate issued by our company on special request.

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